The Dress

i knew i would wear

that dress

somewhere special…

denim top, with a long sweeping

skirt printed on ivory.

and the hat

of ivory with a gold band.

i wore it at the San Jose

Jazz festival that summer,

then packed it

and took it to Nairobi

with me.

and one warm day

in Mombasa

i wore it to town

with a colorful headwrap

and waited in the town center,

until those around

had let my friend know

that I was in town.

he came shortly

and greeted me

a friendship of innocence

and regard.

a starter for Mombasa city matatus (buses),

he always escorted me

to the beach

and we would sit on the wall

of Jomo Kenyatta’s beach house

until it fell dark;

then bus back into

the city

and stop for a mango/avocado smoothie

or some ice cream.

he would drop me

at my hotel

and say goodnight.

the last time that

i saw him

he told me that he was planning

to travel overland

to South Africa.

and me, back to Nairobi and work–

then back to America…

all long gone

and almost forgotten

like the dress

that i wore

that day;


so special.
Linda Tauhid


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