I Love The Idea of You

i love

the idea

of you.

the fact that we

could sit

and listen to jazz

and appreciate it

in much the same way.

and that you have much

to teach me…

we could travel

to Newport,

or Montreux 

or San Francisco.

and me,

who balks at cooking for others

(especially on demand)

would love to demonstrate

my plant-based creations

for you.

there is little chance

i could ever reach you,

teach you

beyond what you know;

or challenge

what is comfortable

for you.

in these areas

few men go.


i love

the idea 

of you.

we could laugh,


recite Sufi chants;


could be partners

in ‘crime’

and rightness;

live and love

in joy,

and brightness;

i love

the idea


Linda Tauhid



should i

even be saying goodbye

to you


it’s been

so long?

we were on separate courses

for decades.

but I tend to be

quite sentimental these days…

taking a second look

at many past interactions;

possibly because i’ve been


the time…

but we go way back

to before-college for me

and through some troublesome


on which 

i embarked;

my sojourns through


and travels

that have led me far

from the city

that we called home.

and for some strange reason

i googled the name

of your old band: The Baccanalians

(now who would remember that?)

and then cross-checked

with your name

and learned that you

were gone.

so i am compelled

to remember you;

and to wish you


and to lift my good memories of you

as a toast.

to a life that seemed full and good;

where many

were loved

and touched

and where clearly

you remained distinctive

as was your way.
Linda Tauhid


Joan of the Raven Hair (for singer/songwriter Joan Baez)


of the raven hair

with a voice of beauty

and words of truth

and power.

she strums her guitar

and sings of change

and decades of hope

and reasoning.

she plants trees

of the heart 

that grow the conscious

and wakes the sleeping mind.

she sings of love

and its joy and pain:

of “Diamonds

and Rust”

of which we all

are made.

she marks

this time

with her wisdom–

her world-view

of light.


of the raven hair,

gone silver;

with her voice

and words

of gold

and steel.
Linda Tauhid


4th of July


was so full



and Daddy

and siblings

driving to a

Cape Cod beach;

sitting on sand

and mother-fed


and potato salad

and yellow, chocolate-

frosted cake.

the summer-warm

salty water,

the sun

that did not burn

our skin

seasoned by generations.


and Uncle Charles

the navigators

of the day–

my cousins close by,

some of Wampanoag parentage…


encircled with food, 

love and warmth.

i am of ocean people–

fishers, swimmers






far from home…

who brought

the gift of love and

joy and,


with rhythmic music

and food-of-the-soul

and heart

with Independence,

to these Atlantic waters

and beyond.
Linda Tauhid


Reprinted from 7/4/17