we would ride

in the car

and listen to

Patti LaBelle–

dreaming and plotting

while we headed

to one of our adventures:

a concert, a night of dancing,

some out-of-the-way spot

to see George Clinton;

i know that i am a riotous colleague

though dulled a bit by time…

yet we are seeing another Spring

and still we laugh

and talk

in a world that has been made close

in spite of miles.

and we still hope 

for love

and all the things we deserve:

more walks,

more dancing,

and smiling our warmth

at faces and hearts

as we roam.
Linda Tauhid


Poem for Joni (Joni Mitchell)

if you are seventy-five

how old must I be…

how far was i 

from you

when you were singing

“Help Me”?

I was already 

asking for help

in a Roxbury apartment

with ankara print curtains.

i had felt the joy

and sting

of Love

and never recovered–

and joyfully so…

it took me decades to travel to

the places so easily within 

your reach

but like you,

i am brave,

and just

a bit foolish;

steeped in poetry



and words.

growing in Love,

and losing 

in time;

just like you


every other


who is

Linda Tauhid