i acknowledge

your sacrifice.

your commitment

to justice–

to truth.

which seems

to be lost

in the hubbub

of ‘the game’

and things so much

less important.

but you stand

next to the greats

such as

Ms. Rosa Parks,


Mahatma Ghandi,

in your practice

of peaceful protest.

it is

for this

you are being punished.

while others continue

to serve and forget

it is you

who have pledged

yourself to life

and its importance

while the less observant masses

buy snacks

and plan game-day parties.

it is you

who could easily

cut your hair

and sire children

who would never

be seen as even brown.

yet you

do not.

you refuse to stand in the presence

of murder

and honor the flag

that flies over a land filled

with conflict.

I honor your sacrifice

and i will eschew

the ‘national holiday’

that has become the day of

‘The Big Game’.

rather, i will stand with you, Colin;

i will, in irony, eat guacamole, salsa and chips

and read a book.

while Congress fights over

‘the wall’

and while my ‘home team’

runs the field

oblivious to the usury

they incur;

amidst the fanfare and lager


will be cheering

for us,

for you.
Linda Tauhid


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