Sunday Bucket List

i’d like to make

the circumambulations

of Hajj

and pray

at the Prophet’s (SAW) Mosque;

i’d like to drive from Boston

to Maine in summer

and have a coastal meal;

i’d like to walk Lake Merritt,

healed and whole…

i’d like to go

to Newport

to the jazz festival 

and wear a floral summer dress

and a wide-brimmed hat,

sit under the sun and relax.

I’d like to visit Marseille again

and soak my feet in the water

of the Mediterranean Sea.

and maybe i’d just enjoy

the lift-off and landing

of a plane going anywhere.

i’d like to see a concert

at the Red Rocks Amphitheater

and dance to some reggae

in a Nairobi dance hall.

I’d like a vacation home

in Maputo

and a hut on the Indian Ocean.

i’d like to eat dinner in Italy,

traipse through Spain…

i’d like to meet a nice Irish boy

or maybe a Jewish boy or African

with money and who loves to travel;

we would go ’round the world

turning heads

and laughing

all the way. 

and maybe my bucket list

for this year

would be complete,

my family well

and smiling

at my

post cards.
Linda Tauhid


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