he said:

“let’s take a walk down to the store

and then a slow walk back…”

and we did.

sipping quietly from glass bottles.

he liked my poetry

and probably me

but i couldn’t see much

at that time;

and now i miss

the dark rich smells

of youth and the texture

of well-oiled course black hair,

and the music we revered

as we grew beyond our worlds.

there has indeed 

been a revolution

not so much what we pictured

but indeed a fantastic change   

of times and events.

and i do not know about him,

but some of us are still here

driven by the Love

that started it all;

biding our time 

and still walking

towards whatever

we must

Linda Tauhid

The Winds

they form

off the coast

of Mother Africa


rising winds

and fury


the transatlantic


that the ships

that carried her people

once trod.

they gather strength

and wreak havoc

on ocean and land

they silence the mighty,

confound the rulers

of the lands.

they flood,

they maim,

they kill.

they are never named

for the spirits

that conjure them;

even in destruction

the truly powerful

are hidden…

while the children

of this time ‘play’ 

games of government

and power.

twisting the tongues

of the speakers,

ignoring the great dangers

of reciprocity–


angering nature

and man

and risking



and limb.
Linda Tauhid