will i never see you


is it enough to just have


will you never hear

my stories;

where i’ve traveled

what I’ve seen?

was what you taught me

back then

to be all…

Nina Simone,

“Four Women”

the beginnings of chess

and long walks.

you a teacher,

me a lover–

immersed in what you


what i wanted to learn,

the ‘feel’ of you.

when you

decided to try white women

(beginning with my friend)

and never went back…

is that a loss for me,

my ilk? (whoever they are)

have you escaped

to another land

where you will never

coach or remember 

another like me,


tell stories of Johnny Mathis,

or Curtis Mayfield

on a bow-legged

Boston walk;

or misconstrue

my attention,

my adoration,

for simple



Linda Tauhid


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