she came here

a couple of times.

once, when she was still young 

and full of love.

and we locked arms and took giant steps

as a game.

i always took my girls

to coffee–

even when they were young

how best a grand mother

to teach refinement,


i have long been gone

from around her

her ravaging years of puberty

her adoption of ideals of an alien tribe.

I don’t know her now;

hauntingly beautiful

she plays in pictures

and displays a knowledge

of saucy poses.

she is of me–

i will never let that go…

she is one of mine

tainted by crossed ideals

and the people who promote them.

but i remember holding her

newly born,

connected to me

in a blood-bound way, mine…

but free to choose

her life, her people,

her loves.
Linda Tauhid