she came here

a couple of times.

once, when she was still young 

and full of love.

and we locked arms and took giant steps

as a game.

i always took my girls

to coffee–

even when they were young

how best a grand mother

to teach refinement,


i have long been gone

from around her

her ravaging years of puberty

her adoption of ideals of an alien tribe.

I don’t know her now;

hauntingly beautiful

she plays in pictures

and displays a knowledge

of saucy poses.

she is of me–

i will never let that go…

she is one of mine

tainted by crossed ideals

and the people who promote them.

but i remember holding her

newly born,

connected to me

in a blood-bound way, mine…

but free to choose

her life, her people,

her loves.
Linda Tauhid


Dream Girls

(For Naima)

we were sisters

in spirit

long before we knew…

joined by our quests

and the nuances

of life & time.

I thought of us traipsing

through that dark winter

seeking light;

watching Dream Girls

at the Grand Lake Theater.

but what about our dreams

must we wait in patience

or the sorrow of loss?

is it ok to cry,

to scream silently 

to hope?

i wish for you

wreaths of flowers

while you live,


in its empowering form,

and days of beauty

as ephemeral 

as dreams.


the means,

to touch

and hold.
©Linda Tauhid


My Knight 

(For Jennifer and Don)

my knight

in shining armor

has come–

he is real

he has saved me

and made

my wait worthwhile.

i have cast


my mourning clothes

and bright


adorn my hair.

while some have scorned

i smiled through

the struggles

and bore my faith

as tilth 

until the joy of love

entered, it’s saving grace

so clear.

my knight has come

he reigns my heart

and reflects

the power


The King

we serve;

the All-Knowing

whose name

is Love. 

(Ya Wadud).
Linda Tauhid



they taught me

to speak

the words of David

and thus

i am blessed.

i stood



scrubbed and brushed

and recanted

with brilliance

what a child

barely knew…

‘mercy has followed


all the days

of my life;’

in sickness

and in health

in loss


in wealth.

for i was taught to

speak the words of praise.

i have risen,

i have fallen

i have lain

in my own tears…

but i return to The Good

never displaced;

“Praise the Lord, my soul;

all my inmost, praise his holy name.”*

for i 

ever reflect

the words

of David.
Linda Tauhid

*Quotation from Psalm 103, a psalm of David (Al Sabur)