i am awaking

from a deep,

dark sleep…

i am (h)angry

like a bear

devouring light

as my sustenance;

my prayers are small;

simple things:

like life and love

and family security;

the seas parted

for Musa

and his people

i have witnessed

such miracles–

deliverance from tyrants

manna from heaven;

yet I am still in need…

if a martyr can smile

then i know

his/her rest is


that the place

of true life

is someplace else.

then why can’t we

slaughter ego,

sacrifice bogus pride?

thus i ‘fast’ with


who seek atonement;

i walk with those who


All Grace

All Love

and All Forgiveness

within this human

Linda Tauhid


Thanks Robert Okaji for the ‘nudge’