Maestro Horace Silver


Ms. Jemela Mwelu

Re: For The Record–Horace Silver

I have just read your thoughtful and heartfelt account of Maestro Horace Silver’s last days. It is always enlightening to read of someone who in one’s mind and heart one has felt an affinity an intimacy with, but who in actuality one does not really know. This is probably often the case with people who connect with the heart through the miracle of music such as Mr. Silver and others.

I remember purchasing Mr. Silver’s album “Song for My Father” from a department store in Boston, Massachusetts as a young co-ed. In those days it was always comforting to me to feel the heft of the LP’s as I carried them around from place to place boldly displaying the cover-art for any would-be lookers. Today’s music hides quietly behind ear buds and shuffling tracks on MP3 players–not so then.

I have always kept that album close to me in many forms and have relished the title track and a number of others that I have played regularly including ‘Lonely Woman’ which became a sort of anthem of mine. Thus, I ‘knew’ Maestro Silver through the intimacy of his music.

As you recounted the experiences of you and your son attempting to provide a dignified, loving and friendly space for Mr. Silver’s time of aging and sunset, I resonated with my sense of what it must have been like. Attempting to preserve someone’s dignity and privacy when many think that they deserve access because they once or now know a person or have a perceived sense of ‘intimacy’ with a ‘famous’ person has to be a tricky tight-rope walk. Brava for you efforts and your success!

I will continue to honor the life and works of Maestro Horace Silver. I pray that you who were blessed with a true familiar intimacy with this great icon are smiling and comforted that you were also able to witness his true humanity and to guard his honor, privacy and dignity in his later years with your love and dedication.

Linda Tauhid



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