The Boy Next Door…

i have missed you…

i saw your mother in a dream

the other night,

as clear as day

coming up the stairs—

i was wondering what that meant.

that you are there

in your homeland now?

it was a cold winter.

when I returned from Boston

you were gone.

as spring creeps into

the air, i breathe

as if newly gifted;

the winter was dark.

we were all wrong here…








as the world often confuses

and conflicts;

but in our hearts

there was that curious

spark that spoke

of the truth of us

and things.

i have often wondered how

it happens

that disparate beings

connect and unite

and recognize

the soul-essence

of each other.

love is not gradient

it is all or none–

a holistic and divine


there will be memories–

and prayers

and dreams

and spring days

wherever we are

you there—

me here,

that will join

us—if only momentarily

as we



Linda Tauhid

©March, 2011

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