Had to re log this based on tonight’s Jazz at the Lincoln Center Performance. Phenominal!

Linda Tauhid

Ms. Diane Reeves Ms. Diane Reeves

Every now and then God sends a soul to earth that never fully leaves His Presence. Additionally, God sometimes blesses a human soul with extensive gifts and capabilities. One such soul as this is singer extraordinaire, Ms. Diane Reeves. Her music genius and ability to manipulate lyrical nuances, varied tones and range with her voice is nothing less than divine.

Ms. Reeves also encompasses a spiritual largesse that allows her to work with her ‘initiates’ lovingly and pleasingly.  To see her in person is ‘church’, gospel.  Her apparent joy in her work, and with life in general is woven into song-stories that reveal the real and true ‘her’ in the music.

Somewhere in the 90’s I saw her at the San Jose Jazz Festival in San Jose, California.  She entranced the audience with her stories of parochial school and Catholicism.  I knew she was not of this…

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