I don’t know how many of us are blessed to have mothers still with us as we move through our mid lives.  It seems that this would be a critical time to have our moms around.  Finally some of us are ‘getting it’.  Like me, finally I understand the pains and struggles of life and I wish I could thank my mom for her sacrifices.

My mother’s name is Dotty (short for Dorothy).  She passed over from this life over twenty years ago.  She left the six of us (now five) forever remembering her love and sacrifice, her good advice as well as her visible joys and pain.  Today we celebrate Dotty’s birthday. (April 18)  I am one of her four “birthday daughters”.

I have been thinking about my mother a lot lately.  Little or big things come up and I remember something she did or said that brought comfort, information or met a need for me.  Most notably, I remember how she used to buy me such high quality, stylish and unique clothes.  I was not an easy girl to shop for. I have managed to maintain this relatively thick and stocky figure for most of my life, even in childhood.  I think we stopped shopping together early so we wouldn’t have to have our characteristic fights in the store.  So when there was an occasion, Easter, back to school or any other important date, she would shop for me, as I’m sure she did for all of her six children.  Sometimes the things she would buy me would amaze me. One Easter Dotty bought me a beige-like wool suit with a matching shawl. I remember the catastrophe of trying to dye some gloves orange to match some other accessories I had with that outfit. I also remember the one tight (slang for wonderful) outfit she bought me to return to school on my first day of junior high school.  It was a dark green print two-piece top and skirt with a matching scarf.  Not to mention a beautiful black purse and a green mohair sweater with dark green leather buttons and trim. !

I know that my mother’s love generosity and commitment was shown to us in more ways than just the clothes, home and things that her and my father provided for us.  But as I move through life, these things come up one at a time.  Sometimes even now, people comment on my sense of style when to myself I am just wearing some off-price bargain that I don’t think much of.  If this sense of style truly exists, I credit it to my mom.

I am still learning the lesions of her creativity and hard work.  I understand now what she meant when she said ‘I’m tired’.  I understand now the challenges that life throws us all and sometimes makes up seem down.  I am happy to report though, that as I move through this life I am well blessed and thankful to have a mom like Dotty.

Nothing beat Dotty’s smile or laugh when she was in full partly mode.  She could dance with the best of us. I have a feeling she might be in that mode today if she were here.  I certainly hope that she is experiencing joy and light on the other side. So I am asking all who I know to give a salute and shout up for a great and wonderful lady who left me with enough love, inspiration and information  to complete my life with no shortage of any of these.  We toast you Dotty–Your birthday daughters, sons and others.